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HAha everyone just assumes I have boyfriend…but I don’t lol

Forever alone.

April 17, 2013 

My whole world came crashing down. My happiness will never get back to how it was before this day. I realized Love doesn’t conquer all. How can “We’re going to be together forever” go to “You know this is coming, we’re breaking up.” How can someone who cares so much about you go and break your heart? Someone who said “I love you” and meant it. How do you just decide to let me go? Being 16 and in love,(I always thought that only happened in movies) isn’t has great as you think. Once the one you love breaks your heart you’re not the same person anymore. Heartbreak changes people. I turned into someone else…I’m not quiet,or shy or innocent. I’m talkative, outgoing and a rebel. I care too much and love too much to let you go. This pain will never leave, I’m addicted to the sadness of this heartbreak, I can’t seem to get you off my mind. I hide the pain with a simple smile, but if you look into my eyes you’ll see what I’ve been hiding for a while. She’s sorry for the things she didn’t do for the things she hid and for the lies she told, but I guess she never thought she’ll lose the love of her life .she never knew what she had until she lost it. This heartbreak controlled my life. You left me there without checking if I was alright. You left me there like a crumpled piece of paper…now it’s your lost. The girl you used to know her days are over, she’s not that girl anymore, she’s changed. In a wonderful kinda way. The way that will make other guys fall in love with her, The way that you’ll come back running after her. She hopes one day she’ll have you back, she hopes that you’ll say something or she’s giving up on you, she hopes that everything will go back how it was before April 17th…
Clearly she can’t forget her first love.

Sometimes I just wonder ”why dont I have a boyfriend?”

In all honesty I’m pretty and have a good personality (not trying to be conceited lol) plus there are guys out there who think I’m cute, but they dont talk to me! Ugh. Love life = non-existence

I Love You…

3 words, 8 letters means the world coming out of your mouth:)

Thank you baby!

Thank you baby!

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It has been a wonderful 1 year with this amazing incredible guy

It has been a wonderful 1 year with this amazing incredible guy

My love for you is greater than it was almost a year ago

1 yr anniversary in 1 week w/ Deitrich:)

Still get those butterflies when you text me?

Never knew it will last this long

When you’re in a relationship its either you are together forever or you break up.no in between

I cant wait until our starbucks date<3 

Hurryy upp!